Designing Mom

When I set about launching Mom this past summer, I decided I really wanted to do something different with our company branding. Making products is a fun and creative process and our image should reflect that. And what better representative for the company than a motherly CEO? Getting her design just right was key.

I thought that this was going to be a huge challenge, that was until I stumbled upon Brian Hartley a seasoned character artist from the UK.

I gave him a very vague description of what we wanted: “A motherly character who looks like she could run a billion-dollar corporation… or bake you some cookies”. A day later he got back to me with this:


With little direction Brian was nearly spot on his first go! But I was torn… should we go with a youthful Mom or an elderly Mom?? Hrmm, to help decide I asked Brian to revise the elder Mom as she looked a bit… manly (sorry Brian!):


Brian softened up her face and added some curves, but something was just not quite right. So we combined the best of the two sketches to create a super Mom!


Perfect! Exactly what we didn’t know we were looking for! With a big thumbs up Brian created the first colour pass:


We tweaked the palette to match the website and added in final detail:


We decided to go with a more youthful look. Brian put together some hair variations.


From this, Mom was born!


The entire process took less than 2 weeks! Talk about painless! This is testament to working with a true professional.


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