Box2Dweb Rope Joint

Box2Dweb is an excellent port of Box2D for Javascript. The only downside is that it’s based on 2.1. This means no rope joints!

There are some work arounds out there using distance joints but they just don’t look right. Ropes should not enforce a minimum length like distance joints do.

So, I have modified the Box2Dweb library to add support for rope joints. Available on GitHub.

or knock down some power lines with this demo.



  1. Alex

    Aaron, thank you so much! I tried to port that myself – but no way. Good work!

  2. Craig

    Have you tried attaching a chain/rope image to the rope joint using easeljs?

  3. Ctibor Laky

    Demo not found 404 😉

  4. Hi Aaron.
    Unfortunately the link to the rope joint demo is broken.
    It is possible to see it somewhere else?

    Best regards.

  5. Daniel

    Hi Arron,
    Do you have any interest in porting the B2MotorJoint as well?

    I tried 3 different ways for three days to get it working using (flyovers) box2d-HTML, jbox (java) and box2dc++ B2MotorJoint for reference but had to throw in the towel when neither I nor chrome devtools could find any more errors to make it work 🙁

    You seem to have a much better understanding of what is going on!

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