Cheap wireless communication for Arduino



  1. John Weatherley

    G’day Aaron
    I was just looking at your excellent update to box2dweb that adds rope joint functionality … then I saw this! Your arduino wireless comms. I’m also playing around with arduino … to make a masthead wind speed and direction sensor and sender including accelerometer/gyroscope compensation. I’d be interested in your wireless method. I’m looking for a range of about 10 to 15m.
    Fantastic work!

    By the way, I need the rope joint to simulate boat anchoring … with a ‘cable’ that consists of sections with different mass/density eg. the anchor is connected to a 10m long chain that is connected to 5m of heavier chain that is connected to 30m of rope … to the boat. Appreciate any hints on how to join ropes of different densities in box2dweb.


  2. John Weatherley

    please ignore my dumb question about joining different ropes. It was obvious when I looked at your demo code. Thanks for that 😉

  3. Aaron

    Hey John,
    The main challenge with cheap wireless communication is the accuracy of the data. Depending on your requirements you can get away with a method like I used above.
    About $3 worth of components! Can’t argue at that price.

    I was building a prototype of a remote motion sensor. The product would require a low price point which I was able to achieve. But the information is binary so I had it easy!

    By the sounds of it you are just making one item? If so then I would spend the extra coin and get a zigbee module, they are really simple to implement, and handle all of the nitty gritty details.

    This would to the trick for you:

    or an even better value:

    Let me know how your Box2DWeb project goes!

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